Case Studies

Healthcare Case Study

WEILL CORNELL Located in New York City, Cornell is one of the nation’s outstanding providers of minimally invasive surgeries for a wide array of neurological diseases of the brain and spine. They provide world-renowned care for both children and adults from around the world.   Business Challenges:

  • Adhering to HIPAA compliance rules
  • Maintaining and storing data rapidly and efficiently
  • Improving patient services, care and follow-up communications

  The Antidote:

  • Develop a customized solution in conjunction with Weill-Cornell’s in-house IT group that is fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Permit all of the data to be cross-referenced for accuracy.
  • Design system to maintain secure, real-time patient data and streamline the coordination of surgeries, and expand to manage outpatient visits.

The main purpose of the solution was to enable the Department of Neurosurgery to properly store, update (real time) and verify patient data rapidly and efficiently. This includes: services received, updates on patient treatment, surgery scheduling, follow-up appointments, insurance CPT codes, medical letters of necessity and billing. Results:

  • HIPAA compliant solution
  • Up-to-date, detailed patient records
  • Physicians were able to reduce the time spent on billing by 65%
  • Significant revenue increase realized due to an improvement in billing accuracy

Now when patients visit the hospital, they are tracked from the minute they arrive until the minute they depart. This allows doctors to know exactly when patients have arrived, review patient history prior to seeing them and make any adjustments to the records while they are in with the patient. Ultimately, the Department is better able to track patient services because they know how long a patient waited to see their physician and how long they actually spent with the physician.   QUOTE “The Antidote Team is constantly sharing innovative ideas. They always meet our expectations and are focused on helping us put systems into place that will ultimately improve patient care.”

  • Valerie Rodriguez, Revenue Manager, Department of Neurosurgery, Cornell University


Hospitality Case Study

DeGustibus Cooking School DeGustibus is a well-known recreational cooking school in New York City. Located at the popular Macy’s Herald Square, it has given thousands of food and wine lovers the ability to meet and learn from some of the greatest culinary legends (can you name some of the chefs here?) around the world. They offer seasonal culinary programs and wine tastings for individuals, groups and corporations. Business Challenges:

  • DeGustibus’ website could not accept class sign ups or gift card purchasing
  • Class registration and customer information collection was all manual
  • No integration existed between their website and customer solution

  The Antidote:

  • Design and deliver a customer account solution and engagement system
  • Implement an online system to accept sign ups and payments on website
  • Combine online and offline data into one solution


  • Migrated DeGustibus from a manual offline business to a fully automated online business
  • Achieved tremendous time and cost savings
  • New solution automated critical business processes and included customer tracking mechanisms
  • The new system simplifies and streamlines:
    • Customer data collection
    • Customer account tracking
    • Online ticketing and enrollment, gift certificate purchasing and access to account
    • Chef availability management
    • Seasonal program scheduling
    • Reporting
    • Email engagement marketing
Hospitality Case Study

Union Square Events Union Square Events is the catering arm of Danny Meyer’s distinguished Union Square Hospitality Group, carrying over the stellar service and exquisite foods served at his restaurants to larger businesses such as cultural institutions, sports arenas and music venues. As one of the largest catering services in the NY Metropolitan area, Union Square Events serves up to 42,000 people at the same time. Business Challenges:

  • Consistently and efficiently offer consumers high quality food in a fast-paced, large scale environment
  • Each venue orders their own ingredients separately via Excel and emails
  • Different purchasing requirements based on region
  • Provide food delivery hot and on-time to suites at sporting events

The Antidote:

  • Build a food inventory tracking system
  • Leverage mobile devices via the use of barcodes to label, invoice and track products
  • Enable multiple users to access data simultaneously on one server
  • Provide real-time inventory updates


  • The invention of the “Shopping List” enabled Union Square Events to input multiple venue recipes into a customized solution that precisely determines the quantity of items needed to purchase.
  • Combines the purchasing of ingredients across all 25 venues, resulting in cost savings of $500K annually
  • Workflow has been centralized so there’s no longer disparate subsystems; Excel and email are no longer needed to communicate
  • Solution being rolled out beyond the event venues to the Union Square Hospitality restaurants
Education Case Study

USDAN: STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts is one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit summer schools for children who have a significant interest and talent in the arts. USDAN has is proud to be offering a wide array of creative arts classes to gifted children of all ages for 45 years. Business Challenges:

  • Utilizing three solutions, each containing critical information yet only accessible to each local site
  • Multiple Data Entry Points: several tasks and reports were done manually at each location
  • No Web Integration

The Antidote:

  • ­Create an entirely new and customized “Registration Management System”
  • Allow for system to be accessed from any of the 3 USDAN sites
  • Include busing, medical information, attendance and more


  • Workflow improved exponentially
  • Data is now validated during entry, which has reduced errors to less than 2%
  • Flexibility to look at retention rates by multiple criteria
  • Automation of correspondence has been vital in reducing administrative overhead
  • Student data is now easily accessible through a click of a button
Small Business Case Study

High Rise Fire & Security

High Rise Fire & Security is a privately-owned company based in Brooklyn, NY. Their specialty is in the installation, maintenance and service of commercial fire alarm and security systems. Over the past 20 years High Rise Fire & Security has built a solid reputation as “being partners in protection”, having extensive knowledge of the implementation of best safety practices.

Business Challenges:

  • Completely manual and offline workflow process
  • Reduce delays in responding to clients
  • Decrease duplication of efforts in manual reporting
  • Eliminate the inability to generate reports on the go

The Antidote:

  • Transition completely manual operation to a technically savvy, unique, mobile option
  • Put 60 iPads in the field for technicians to use for work orders, signoffs and clocking in and out
  • Create customized solution to enable service tickets to be generated and accessed online


  • Technicians can now generate service reports onsite, have clients review and verify information via e-signature
  • The office can access reports instantly, schedule follow-up services and generate an invoice immediately
  • Reduced days to bill from 35 days to 1 day.

Small Business Case Study

Sugar Magnolias – Event Florals

Located in Stony Brook, NY, Heidi and Sugar Magnolias have been THE go to florist for weddings on Long Island since 1997.

Business Challenge:

  • Managing 75 events in the season
    • Proposals
    • Flower ordering (combining orders per weekend)
    • Pricing
    • Measuring profit margins and costs
    • Ordering flowers for each person in the wedding party
    • Organizing flowers for the various venues of the celebration
    • Printing various labels for the flowers from the proposal originally created

While it was possible to get at the information for the proposal in the old routine, the information would have to be put into a spreadsheet then use a document merge to bring it into the proposal template.


The Antidote:

  • In the new solution all of the information is contained in one file
  • Automate the workflow



  • Proposals now take ten minutes to write up, instead of an hour!
  • Weekly order summaries take a click of a button instead of ½ hour of calculating
  • Label printing would take ½ hour now… just a click of a button
  • Work orders for the florists to use as a guide are generated for assembly



“Tom at Antidote put together a file that streamlined the process of selling, ordering and keeping track of my brides and their flowers, thus saving me hours of tedious calculating.  Celebrating 20 years in business, my only regret is the time I wasted jumping from one program to another to get things done. I wish I had known about Tom and Antidote sooner!  I am a flower girl, not a programmer, and Tom took the time to understand my business needs and stayed patient through the process.”

Small Business Case Study

IMCD Lighting IMCD is a leader in the event lighting space. IMCD provides entire lighting packages for special events ranging from fashion runway extravaganzas and corporate trade shows to society weddings and charity dinners. Business Challenges:

  • Heavy reliance on Excel
  • Unable to share Excel with multiple users within the company
  • High propensity for human error
  • Reliance on one person to generate proposals via Excel due to the complexity

IMCD Lighting had been using an Excel Workbook with 15 worksheets, which contained an incredible amount of complicated calculations. There were worksheets used to store labor rate lookup tables, trucking lookup tables, equipment lookup tables, etc. These tables were linked to proposals, invoices and schedules. Eventually they outgrew Excel when they wanted other people in the company to use it.   The Antidote:

  • Convert Excel Workbook into FileMaker
  • New automated workflow for estimate generation


  • Process became straightforward and intuitive
  • Multiple users could access the data simultaneously
  • Human error decreased
  • Solution integrated with their main system
  • A workflow has been established that focuses on what needs to be accomplished
  • Estimates now stored on customer level for historical reference
  • Version control no longer an issue
  • Ability to put in variable rates that are time based so always have the most current rate
  • Pricing flexibility that automatically flows through