Airtable: What is it good for?

Airtable is an incredibly useful tool for small business or departments in large companies to organizing just about anything. Airtable is a spreadsheet/database hybrid you can use for project management, CRM, DMS, ERP, sales pipelines, and more. If you have a need to manage a data and/or a workflow process Airtable might be a good fit.

Many people are familiar with Excel and other spreadsheet packages.  The number 1 mistake Antidote see businesses make of all sizes make is they use Excel as part of their workflow. Meaning that it is not crunching number, but it may manage sales, product orders etc. I call this “Excel Abuse”. It exposes companies to all sorts of issues, such a data integrity, security, collaboration.

Airtable has more flexibility and some capabilities that put it in a completely different category from Excel, Sheets, and traditional spreadsheets. If you are comfortable with spreadsheets, it can be a relatively easy transition to Airtable.  Customize the cell field type and have it scour other tables for data without writing a single line of formula. Attach an image or QR code directly in a cell for a product inventory. “Wait, I can do that?”

With Airtable, yes you can.