Simplifying Healthcare Management

Antidote improves patient care and reduces compliance risks every day by simplifying these tasks:

  • Managing patient details and medical histories
  • Producing compliance reports
  • Integrating Hospital Information Systems (HL7)
  • Tracking clinical workflows
  • Providing access to doctor/patient portals
  • Capturing signatures on documents
Case Study

CORNELL Located in New York City, Cornell is one of the nation’s outstanding providers of minimally invasive surgeries for a wide array of neurological diseases of the brain and spine. They provide world-renowned care for both children and adults from around the world.  Business Challenges:

  • Adhering to HIPAA compliance rules
  • Maintaining and storing data rapidly and efficiently
  • Improving patient services, care and follow-up communications

  The Antidote:

  • Develop a customized database in conjunction with Weill-Cornell’s in-house IT group that is fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Permit all of the data to be cross-referenced for accuracy.
  • Design system to maintain secure, real-time patient data and streamline the coordination of surgeries, and expand to manage out-patient visits.

The main purpose of the database was to enable the Department of Neurosurgery to properly store, update (real time) and verify patient data rapidly and efficiently. This includes: services received, updates on patient treatment, surgery scheduling, follow-up appointments, insurance CPT codes, medical letters of necessity and billing. Results:

  • HIPAA compliant database
  • Up-to-date, detailed patient records

Now when patients visit the hospital, they are tracked from the minute they arrive until the minute they depart. This allows doctors to know exactly when patients have arrived, review patient history prior to seeing them and make any adjustments to the records while they are in with the patient. Ultimately, the Department is better able to track patient services because they know how long a patient waited to see their physician and how long they actually spent with the physician. Antidote has worked with the Department of Neurosurgery to expand the database into a full-blown healthcare practice management tool. Together with Weil Cornell’s IT group they are looking to again enhance to include ABR Go system which will allow doctors to have access to and update patient data from their iPhones.   QUOTE “The Antidote Team is constantly sharing innovative ideas. They always meet our expectations and are focused on helping us put systems into place that will ultimately improve patient care.”

  • Valerie Rodriguez, Revenue Manager, Department of Neurosurgery, Cornell University