Automating Hospitality Processes

Antidote aids hospitality clients save millions every year with custom apps that automate all this and more:

  • Tracking food inventory
  • Scheduling production and labor
  • Storing recipes
  • Managing multiple venues
  • Organizing deliveries
  • Managing vendors
Case Study  

DeGustibus Cooking School DeGustibus is a well-known recreational cooking school in New York City. Located at the popular Macy’s Herald Square, it has given thousands of food and wine lovers the ability to meet and learn from some of the greatest culinary legends (can you name some of the chefs here?) around the world. They offer seasonal culinary programs and wine tastings for individuals, groups and corporations. Business Challenges:

  • DeGustibus’ website could not accept class sign ups or gift card purchasing
  • Class registration and customer information collection was all manual
  • No integration existed between their website and customer solution

  The Antidote:

  • Design and deliver a customer account solution and engagement system
  • Implement an online system to accept sign ups and payments on website
  • Combine online and offline data into one solution


  • Migrated DeGustibus from a manual offline business to a fully automated online business
  • Achieved tremendous time and cost savings
  • New solution automated critical business processes and included customer tracking mechanisms
  • The new system simplifies and streamlines:
    • Customer data collection
    • Customer account tracking
    • Online ticketing and enrollment, gift certificate purchasing and access to account
    • Chef availability management
    • Seasonal program scheduling
    • Reporting
    • Email engagement marketing