Growing Your Business

We Can Help You Transform From Columns and Rows to Beautiful Forms that Work the Way You Do.

Let us take the stand-alone spreadsheets and put them on a server so that everyone can access, read and edit the information in real-time. There is no need for double entries or closing files in order to get at the data. Finally all of your numbers will carry through the system and tie in. Your information can be available using the FileMaker application on an iPad, iPhone or directly on the web.

Case Study

Sugar Magnolias – Event Florals  

Located in Stony Brook, NY, Heidi and Sugar Magnolias have been THE go to florist for weddings on Long Island since 1997.

Business Challenge:

  • Managing 75 events in the season
    • Proposals
    • Flower ordering (combining orders per weekend)
    • Pricing
    • Measuring profit margins and costs
    • Ordering flowers for each person in the wedding party
    • Organizing flowers for the various venues of the celebration
    • Printing various labels for the flowers from the proposal originally created

Challenge Description – While it was possible to get at the information for the proposal in her old routine, the information would have to be put into a spreadsheet then use a document merge to bring it into the proposal template.


The Antidote:

  • In the new solution all of the information is contained in one file
  • Automate the workflow



  • Proposals now take ten minutes to write up, instead of an hour!
  • Weekly order summaries take a click of a button instead of ½ hour of calculating
  • Label printing would take ½ hour now… just a click of a button
  • Worksheets for the florists to use as a guide are generated for assembly

 Testimonial:  “Tom at Antidote put together a file that streamlined the process of selling, ordering and keeping track of my brides and their flowers, thus saving me hours of tedious calculating.  Celebrating 20 years in business, my only regret is the time I wasted jumping from one program to another to get things done. I wish I had known about Tom and Antidote sooner!  I am a flower girl, not a programmer, and Tom took the time to understand my business needs and stayed patient through the process.”